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Page Layout Features

  • You Can Design Custom Skins
  • Layout and Appearance of Your Page Can Be Completely Customized
  • You Can Link To Product/Cart Page in Your Existing Site, or Let Campus Webstore Run Your Entire Site
  • You Can Use Custom Receipt Formats and Templates
  • You Can Use Custom "Order Has Shipped" Email Templates
  • Emails Automatically Sent To Customer Upon Completion of Online Transaction
  • Emails Automatically Sent to Website Admins Upon Completion of Online Transaction
  • Mini Cart Support (Small Shopping Cart on Every Page Showing Shopping Summary)

Payment Features

  • Credit Cards Run in Real-Time -- Cards Can Be Verified at Time of Checkout -- Avoids Processing Delays
  • Void and Refund Supported
  • Partial Refund Supported
  • Support for CV2 (Credit Card Code) Entry and Validation
  • Customer Address Verification
  • Credit Card Numbers Are Secure -- Never Displayed on Website
  • "New Products" Page
  • "Best Sellers" Products Page
  • Support for Checkout Terms and Conditions
  • Real Time Credit Card Authentication

Operational Features

  • Easy Store Management
  • Order History Pages
  • Administrators Can View / Edit / Delete Customers
  • Administrators Can Edit Billing / Shipping Information
  • VISA / BABP Certified
  • Supports SSL
  • Password Salting / + Hashing
  • AVS Reporting from Gateways